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Nowadays it’s information that makes the world go round. Hence at The Rhythm Section Information Solutions we take the “I” in ICT seriously. It is not the system that determines what an organization can do, but it is the organization that determines what the system does.


We are mission-oriented in the sense that we do not have a fixed “product catalog” of our services.
Every customer is unique, and we tailor our offering to your specific situation.


The Rhythm Section can guide and assist you with
•     providing more and better insight into how your organization, processes and systems align
•     creating an overview of the information that drives your business and your decisions
•     achieving a controlled transition towards an improved architecture
•     improving the quality and manageability of your business intelligence
•     preparing your organization and IT landscape for the integration and/or adoption of new business models
•     coaching and educating of information analysts and architects


There is a place when data becomes information. That place is our natural habitat. This results in an alternative way of doing things that fits your business and your organization.